JSECJob Service Employer Committee
JSECJournal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology
JSECJoint SATCOM Engineering Center
JSECJewish Special Education Collaborative (Massachusetts)
JSECJournal of Strategic E-Commerce
JSECJIEO Systems Engineering Contract
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CERDEC oversaw the process as the data moved through the Common CBM+ Architecture to JSEC, LIA, and a contractor support facility in Jackson, N.J.
JSEC, housed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., acted as a battalion headquarters.
The results imply that M, FCCPE, JSEC, RIS, and PFIEL have meaningful interactions with each other and with AMSROC, MCEHP, DMPE, PJPO, HSP.
* Meritocracy (M), Fair, and Consistent Criteria to Promote Employees (FCCPE), Job Security (JSEC), Respecting Incumbents Skills (RIS), and Providing Facilities to Improve Educational Level (PFIEL) have meaningful interactions with each other, and with Appropriate Management Style with regard to Organisational Conditions (AMSROC), Managers' Consideration to Employees' High Performance(MCEHP), Decisionmaking Participation by Employees (DMPE), Proper Job Position within Organisation (PJPO), and High Salary Payment (HSP).
As has been the case with the previous issues of the JSEC, the articles contained in this volume have been double blind refereed.
Yolanda De Los Reyes, project trabajo coordinator with the NYS Department of Labor's division of employment services and the Latino JSEC coordinator, said that Ms.
(10.) The JSEC is the highest joint body for security coordination in Kosovo.