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JSFJavaServer Faces (application framework)
JSFJoint Strike Fighter
JSFJabber Software Foundation
JSFJapan Special Fund
JSFJeux Sans Frontières (French: plays without borders
JSFJedi Star Fighter (Star Wars)
JSFJob and Syslog Facility (software)
JSFJackson State Forest (California)
JSFJoint Sparse Form Representation
JSFJitter Suppression Factor
JSFJoint Source Fingerprinting
JSFJapan Science Foundation
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As the regional prime contractor, BAE Systems is committed to maximising Australian industry involvement and will also actively engage with those small to medium sized enterprises who have worked with the Australian Government through the JSF Australian Industry Involvement Program.
Source code is included with every subscription to NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Vol.
Although the JSF is supposed to be in full-rate production in about seven years, the services say they cannot wait that long.
The PSFD MOU provides a framework for future JSF Program efforts in production and beyond, and will extend cooperation beyond the current JSF System Development and Demonstration (SDD) MOU among the United States and the other eight JSF partner nations: the United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and Australia.
At the time the JSF took root, Lockheed needed to seek out a partner who could manage the complexity of the most ambitious global defense system project ever attempted, giving the nod to UGS Corp.
Revising the Air Force's conventional JSF aircraft refueling method from a boom to a probe and drogue would require modifying most of its current KC-135 tanker aircraft at an estimated cost of $2.
BAE's accomplishment is a major milestone toward the successful delivery of the JSF EOTS, a system that will provide important new capabilities to aircrews," said Tom Simmons, vice president of Fire Control at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
Test equipment harmonization will make it less expensive for our customers to buy and support complex weapons systems like the F-35 JSF,'' said John Hallal, president of Lockheed Martin Information Systems.
Both the Air Force and the Navy will conduct testing on all of the JSF variants, including the Air Force, Navy and Marine versions as well as the foreign version of the aircraft.
With approval of XMPP by the IETF in 2004, the JSF continues to develop XMPP extensions that meet the needs of its many stakeholders: open-source and commercial developers (including Apple, HP, Oracle, and Sun), organizations large and small (including the U.
The funding will aid company s work in the coming three years with the JSF s New Air Combat Capability, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin Aerospace to create the case for altering the JSF s sparmaking expertise from the autoclave to the Quickstep Process.
In addition to our comprehensive package of UI tools, Infragistics offers Enterprise-class global support, commercial-quality documentation, source code and access to our JSF roadmap.