JSGPMJoint Service General Purpose Mask
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For those who are hard to fit with the M40 series protective mask and the M50 series JSGPM, the M45 CB protective mask can offer a possible solution.
The ECBC Hard-to-Fit Team is comprised of mask equipment specialists; mask support personnel; systems engineers; M40 series protective mask and JSGPM program managers; representatives from the Joint Project Manager for Protection, Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense; logisticians; supply depot and transportation personnel; and funding personnel provided by the U.
The JSGPM fit the individual's face, but the head harness was not large enough to comfortably fit the head.
The JSGPM or XM5O is a technological leap forward, but it is not ready for issue yet.
When technology allowed it, the Navy finally issued only one mask for all and are fully integrated in the JSGPM Program.
You can contact the system manager for the JSGPM at his Web site (SBCCOMs).
Meanwhile, there is an ongoing search for a better mask in the JSGPM program.
The JSGPM is in its final source selection, and the initial program-definition, risk-reduction phase will start later in FY00.