JSHIPJoint Shipboard Helicopter Integration Process
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The JSHIP test required the participation of approximately 1,500 Navy and 500 Army personnel.
JSHIP personnel observed every step of the process, paying particular attention to the sailors loading the Arm's live-fire weapons.
JSHIP is developing simulation and modeling devices to train pilots.
He was one of several individuals who noted that most JSHIP employees are either current or retired helicopter pilots.
JSHIP is a joint test and evaluation program, so it will be "short-lived," said Thompson.
There are three categories of shipboard operations that JSHIP must evaluate: procedures, training and compatibility.
The JSHIP staff developed a web site (www.jship.jcs.mil), which provides point-and-click information for Army and Air Force helicopter pilots who need quick instructions on how to land on Navy ships.
Thompson noted that the JSHIP program does not ignore the role of U.S.
JSHIP faces a host of procedural challenges, he explained, because of a "lack of helicopter-to-ship certification testing," on the part of the services, each of which has different requirements.
According to Padukiewicz, JSHIP is conducting a series of tests, called Dedicated-At-Sea-Tests (DASTs).
Lockhart said that the JSHIP tests are going better than expected, and that "scheduling and orchestrating DASTs is no small feat given the complexities of testing the desired combinations of ship classes and helicopter models."