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The Air Force contract -- a three-year award worth $50.7 million -- is the first in a series of production contracts expected to be issued by the Air Force Electronic Systems Center (Hanscom AFB, MA), the JSIPS procurement agency.
The JSIPS enables users to receive, process, exploit and distribute digital imagery for multiple sensors and sources.
E-Systems also has marketed the JSIPS overseas, unveiling the system at this year's Paris Air Show.
February proved to be a good month for the Joint Services Imagery Processing System (JSIPS), a rugged, deployable imagery processing system which has been under development by E-Systems (Garland, TX).
Each JSIPS configuration consists of up to six segments:
Most JSIPS systems are packaged in 8 x 8 x 10-ft or 8 x 8 x 20-ft shelters that are transportable by truck, rail, ship, aircraft or helicopter.
The JSIPS design provides for preplanned product improvements (|P.sup.3~I) via plug-in hardware or software modules.
The units then assign specific aircraft and sensors to perform the collections and a specific JSIPS to receive the imagery transmission.
Within JSIPS, this flow can be traced through the system using Figure 1.
Once JSIPS starts reception from a platform, the imagery is received by the TIS, reformatted and sent to the SES.
Codar Technology is supplying computers for the JSIPS system.
1 Codar Technology's Model 600M used in the JSIPS computer suite.