JSLISTJoint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
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But one important caution with the vest systems: You can't wear them under CBRN protective suits such as JSLIST unless the suit is specifically designed with a microclimate pass-through.
The JSLIST has been in the military since 1997 and afford the wearer up to 10 grams per meter squared of protection.
GCSS-modified would have fixed these Iraqi Freedom logistics problems by giving the TRANSCOM Commander, as the designated GCSS strategic C2 node owner, worldwide visibility of DCUs and JSLIST within the DoD enterprise.
For example, when conducting a recall, Soldiers can be ordered to report in JSLIST. This helps educate them in the proper use of JSLIST and fosters a better understanding of the difficulties that they are likely to face when operating in a typical CBRN environment--where they are apt to experience increased stress, increased fatigue, and difficulty in communication.
An extra set of eyes will ensure you get all JSLIST openings closed and all the straps secured.
The 13 data systems supporting the JSLIST program were not connected to one another.
Keep track of how long JSLIST is out of Its bag and how many times you wash it.
JMAR, APS, JDF, and JSLIST are just a few of the considerations that concern joint MEDLOG managers in their support of PMTAFs, FSSGs, the EMFR and ASMCs in the KTO.
In a separate discussion, Reeves outlined 11 new capabilities fielded to the services in OIE Some, such as the Joint Service Light-weight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST), were pegged as successes.
Many units arrived at the MS without their training MOPP/Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) suits, M291 Personal Decontamination Kits, M295 Equipment Decontamination Kits, M256A 1 Trainer Kits, and NAAK Trainer Sets.
I think only one hood is needed per M40/M42 mask, especially since the hood isn't needed when worn with JSLIST. Am I wrong?