JSMMJapanese Society for Medical Mycology (est. 1956)
JSMMJust Start Making Magic (Bellsouth Telecommunications)
JSMMJapanese Society of Mountain Medicine (est. 1981)
JSMMJoint Supply Management Module (US DoD DISA)
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Exiled JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat delivered an audio message to the gathering
Resignations of JSMM members and leaders in large numbers indicate that lower rank sincere workers are fed-up with the black mailing policies of the party.
The JSMM has pointed the finger at state agents for Cholyani's murder.
He said the police officer wrongly attempted to portray JSMM as a terrorist organisation conspiring with the TTP, which he described as 'Islamic terrorist [outfit]' to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and carry out terrorist activities in Sindh.
In a recent statement, the DIG Larkana Police on the bidding of Pakistan Military Establishment has foolishly attempted to portray JSMM as a terrorist organization conspiring with Islamic terrorist TTP to sabotage CPEC and carry out terrorist activities in Sindh, which is not only condemnable but a shameful act of the state," the statement added.
Earlier, the dead bodies of JSMM central vice president Saeen Quraban Khuhawar and central leader Noorullah Tunio were found near Sanghar.
JSMM chairman Shafi Burfat said in a statement on Friday that if the British government remained silent while its soil was used against Sindh then its interests in the province would be at stake.
KARACHI -- As the Sindhi nationalists have rescheduled their mass contact campaign against the influx of Internationally Displaced Persons (IDPs) into Sindh due to Islamabads political deadlock, National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has warned Sindh Government of large scale cracker blasts in the cities, towns and railways tracks of the province by JSMM activists.
Sources said the JSMM leader was kidnapped from his residence yesterday.
From banning the social media accounts related to JSMM and other organisations, it is apparent that the Pakistani state is afraid of political voices and the national narrative of the Sindhi and Baloch," Burfat said.
JSMM (Shafi Burfat Group) had given the call in reaction to the killing of his partys three activists including the partys Vice-Chairman Sirai Qurban Khawarh in an a ambush in Sanghar on Thursday.
Presiding the conference, JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat addressed the historic need of the resolution of "national question of the chained historic nations" around the globe which, according to him, is hindering the collective evolution of human civilisation, intellect and societies in this 21st century era.