JSNJulkisen Sanan Neuvosto (Finnish: Council for Mass Media)
JSNJust Say No
JSNJewish Studies Network
JSNJob Sequence Number
JSNJoint Schedule Number (US Military construction)
JSNJazz Satellite Network
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Recently, quantitative measurements of JSN have been described to be more sensitive to change than the semi-quantitative ratings.
The association between the presence of synovial effusion, as a marker of synovitis, and Hoffa's fat pad synovitis of the knee (as assessed by MRI) and the progression of medial JSN seen in x-rays of the knee over a period of 4 years has been reported.
JSN are assessed at 15 joints of each hand and wrist and at 6 joints of each foot.
From 2006 to 2011, he worked for JSN Properties, representing tenants in office leasing transactions in the Garment District, Chelsea, Gramercy, NoHo, SoHo, Hudson Square, and other areas in the downtown Manhattan market.
A collaborative effort with the Internet marketers at Prospect Genius, this mobile Web site from JSN & Associates mirrors the tax company's information found on the desktop version of their site.
padrao AK 551 -0,122 0,292 -1,639 1,677 SHP 551 -0,047 0,218 -0,845 1,173 JSN 551 -0,003 0,226 -1,566 1,427 LnEG 551 8187 0,842 4,357 9,002 LnPL 551 17378 1,700 12,422 22,426 TAd 551 1360 1,075 0,000 6,000 TPf 551 0,497 0,500 0,000 1,000 Var Segunda Amostra * (periodo = 24 meses) n Media Desvio Min.
narrowing, the authors then looked at the effects of higher erosion tertiles within each of the JSN tertiles.
This was to be done in liaison with the JSN and the President of the Republic, General Antonio de Spinola.
But whether knees with joint space narrowing (JSN) lose more cartilage than those without JSN over the long term remains unclear.
By Friday, the discrepancies have been fixed, or they've been given a JSN (job sequence number).
Jeffrey Noe is founder and principal of JSN Communications, Westerville, Ohio, an independent public relations and marketing consultancy specializing in the financial services industry.