JSOAPJuvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol
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The most frequently used instrument was the CBCL (all 12 studies), followed by the STAXI-2 in six studies, the DSMD in three studies, and the BDI-II, SIQ, and JSOAP in two studies each.
The only real issue can be found with the JSOAP scores, for which the pre-treatment scores are only available for a sample of 40 participants.
Across all studies, the CBCL (9 studies), STAXI-2 (4 studies), BDI-II (2 studies), SIQ-HS (2 studies), DSMD (2 studies), and JSOAP (2 studies) measurement instruments were scored at pre- and post-treatment intervals to compare outcomes for the MDT and TAU groups.
The same applies to the JSOAP measurement, for which only one study had both pre- and post-treatment results on record.
This is evidenced by the total scores from the DSMD, CBCL, and the clinical treatment factor score in the JSOAP.
The combination of results from the CBCL, DSMD, and JSOAP suggest that MDT is effective for these typologies in reducing internal distress as a result of varying psychological disorders present.
Effect Size and Cohen's d Key # Category 1 SO- Physical Aggression 2 CD- Physical Aggression 3 Total Physical Aggression 4 Sexual Aggression 5 CBCL INT 6 CBCL EXT 7 CBCL Total 8 CD STAXI Anger Con In 9 CD Anger Out 10 CD Anger Ex 11 SO STAXI Anger Con In 12 SO Anger Con out 13 SO Anger Ex 14 JSOAP Total 15 Family CBCL INT 16 Family CBCL EXT 17 Family CBCL Total 18 Family STAXI Anger Con In 19 Family STAXI Anger Con Out 20 Family STAXY Anger Ex 21 Family Behaviors- Physical Aggression 22 Family Behaviors Verbal Aggression 23 Family Behaviors Property Destruction 24 Replication- Physical Aggression 25 Replication- Therapeutic Holds 26 Replication- CBCL INT 27 Replication CBCL EXT 28 Replication CBCL Total 29 Replication BDI 30 Replication SIQHS Mediation Analysis
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