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JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSONJava Script Object Notation
JSONJava Script over the Network
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For gRPC the gRPC and Protobuffers library were used, for XML RPC and JSON RPC the most popular library was selected for each language.
TLS over JSON might provide one way of providing key material to the target devices to digitally sign data using applications.
Rob Goldfinger President of NominoData added, "The release of our JSON interchange format will be demonstrated at the upcoming ACAMS Financial Crimes conference in Las Vegas on September 24-27, 2017.
And similar to XML, another more compact data representation protocol called JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) was standardized and it is used in browser-server-browser application layer processing [12].
In addition, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a text-based data interchange format that is completely language independent and provides significant performance gains over XML due to its light weight nature and native support for JavaScript (Ying & Miller, 2013), is an excellent way to transport/exchange messages between services as well as between client and servers.
CloudFormation templates are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatted text files.
The interface does so by defining a set of simple but relevant commands for accessing and searching SciNetS data and their semantic relationships, delivering results in the widely-used JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.
But the discussion quickly turns technical with the introduction of Ajax, JSON, and REST.
The site includes self registration, self JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and a developer mashup regardless of map use.