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Descricao EPS EAS JSA JSI JSOS JSCS JSCM Outros das Unidades Episodicas Jogo mais elaborado a presentado pela crianca: -- Jogo mais ultizado pela crianca: -- Total-- II) Situacao Dirigida/Imitacao de Esquemas Gestuais 1) Imtacao de Esquemas gestuais simples Ensaio Pratico: ( ) sim ( ) nao GESTO ADEQUADO INADEQUADO DESCRICAO DA ACAO DA CRIANCA Beber Escovaros dentes Colocar na cabeca Empurrar Comer Abracar Lavar as maos Cheirar PONTUACAO 2) Imitacao de esquemas gestuais sequenciaisem rotina familiares Ensaio Pratico: ( ) sim ( ) nao GESTO No.
In the HPO model, the mapping relationship between the JSOs and the NEOs is not always the one to one.
To simplify the mapping relationship of the JSOs and the NEOs, we build a rule on how to map a NEO class to multiple JSOs; each NEO class in a component is mapped to a JSO class, and each interface in a NEO class is mapped to one JSO class, respectively, too.
Title IV of the act called for the establishment of a Joint Specialty Officer (JSO) designation to identify those officers particularly educated and experienced in joint matters.
In conducting its review, the Skelton Panel found it essential to fully understand the meaning and purpose of a joint specialist: "Parenthetically, the panel is convinced that defining the JSO is the crux of the problem posed for DOD by all of the Title IV joint officer personnel policies." (3) In developing its portrait of a JSO, the Skelton Panel offered a comparative description of a non-JSO.
The Secretary is required to designate 1,000 of these slots as "critical," meaning they must be filled with a JSO. The law further states that approximately half of the joint duty positions must at any one time be filled with an officer who is or has been nominated as a JSO, with this half including the 1,000 "critical" JSO-required slots.
According to Lemmond and Verhaagen (2002), therapeutic counseling approaches with JSOs have varied throughout the years.
Although the aforementioned approaches do contribute helpful techniques and interventions for treating JSOs (e.g., the sexual offending cycle as offered by the CB model and the relapse prevention plan suggested by the multisystemic treatment approach), these counseling approaches do not thoroughly discuss the importance of the client's perception of his problematic behavior within treatment.
Under the JSOS, an officer could only become joint qualified by completing joint-education courses and being assigned to a validated joint-duty position for a specified period of time.
career impacts, the act required that the promotion rates of JSOs and
Additionally, the law states that JSOs are expected to be promoted under the same goal as officers with Joint Staff experience.
In addition, JSOs must be approved by the Secretary of Defense.