JSPEJapan Society for Precision Engineering (Tokyo, Japan)
JSPEJapan Society of Political Economy
JSPEJefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Philadelphia, PA)
JSPEJapanese Society for Pediatric Endocrinology
JSPEJapan Society of Professional Engineers
JSPEJapan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences
JSPEJapan Society of Plumbing Engineers
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JSPE is managed by a professional team with unparalleled experience of private equity investing in Pakistan.
22) The minimum possible score on the JSPE is 20 and the maximum possible score is 140.
Second, although the JSPE was reported to be well correlated with observer ratings, (21) there is a possibility that self-reports may be subjected to unwitting biases and discrepancies between self-reflection and actual behaviour may exist.
In a study of family medicine residents in the United States, no significant difference on the scores of the JSPE was observed between those who participated in a Balint training program and those who did not (Cataldo, et al.
The JSPE has been translated into 39 languages, and studies have confirmed its validity in Mexico, Korea, Iran, and the United Kingdom.
showed spesific uses of the JSPE for pharmacy students in the assessment of educational outcomes of different pharmacy programs to enhance student empathy, in research on correlates of empathy in pharmacy education and practice, and in group comparisons within the pharmaceutical discipline as well as between pharmacy and other health disciplines.
The JSPE contains 20 items, each to be answered on a seven-point Likert-type scale.
He serves as Chair of the Design Engineering and Systems Division, JSME, and as vice president of JSPE.