JSPPJapanese Society of Plant Physiologists
JSPPJoint Symposium on Parallel Processing
JSPPJapan Society of Polymer Processing
JSPPJoseph Smith Papers Project
JSPPJapanese Society for Parapsychology (Tokyo, Japan)
JSPPJoint Service Program Plan
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50 for the defined benefit delivered through a JSPP.
Due to the joint nature of their governance, JSPP plans likely need the least amount of additional regulation.
In general, MEPPs and JSPPs should be allowed more flexibility in funding, while SEPPs should be subject to stricter funding rules.
All JSPPs are experiencing a continual increase in the proportion of retired members to active members.
Incorporate target-benefit principles into the rules governing JSPPs, induding fixed contributions
Existing contribution levels for JSPPs cause one to ask: how much is too much?
Ingrain risk management in JSPPs operations--An important part of the risk management of pension plans is the ongoing assessment of their pension security level.