JSRCJersey Shore Running Club (Shrewsbury, NJ)
JSRCJoint Search and Rescue Center
JSRCJoint Sub Regional Command
JSRCJoint Services Review Committee
JSRCJim Spivey Running Club (Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN)
JSRCJoint Ship Repair Committee (US DoD)
JSRCJournal of Sedimentary Research
JSRCJoint Senior Review Council
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To date, the Japanese government has not adopted any reform measures that go substantially beyond those recommended in the JSRC Report, (25) and in May 2009, Japan will reintroduce jury trials after a sixty-three-year absence.
31) On May 28, 2004, the Japanese Diet promulgated the Lay Assessor's Act, (32) which codified many of the recommendations of the JSRC Report and set forth the structure of the new system.
The JSRC Report recommended that lay judges serve in cases involving serious crimes to which heavy statutory penalties apply, because these are the cases "in which the general public has a strong interest and that have a strong impact on society.
The JSRC sends an acknowledgement message to the CSEL.
Acting as CSAR-mission coordinator, the RCC reports the situation to the Joint Search and Rescue Center (JSRC): then, together, they begin coordinating CSAR assets for the rescue mission: At this point, the JCC and the JSRC are gathering a large volume of real-time information, including intelligence on enemy threat levels, weather information, terrain data, safe-passage corridors codes and authentication data, air-refueling points and precise command-and-control coordination from friendly-force assets.
If the pilots had been unable to radio their locations, the RCC and the JSRC would have called upon theater electronic surveillance, reconnaissance, command-and-control aircraft, satellites, wingman reports and battlefield radar-control posts to help find the lost pilots.
The JSRC report proposed an entirely new legal system where graduate schools, as the core of the system, would provide specialized practical training for legal professionals.
According to the JSRC, there were 227 foreign licensed in-house lawyers working in Japanese corporations in 2002.
The collocation of the JSRC in the CAOC did not occur by happenstance.
Because of the physical presence of the JSRC in the CAOC, Sullivan could very quickly coordinate with commanders there for any needed support.
11) However, because the JSRC combines the tactical focus of the JFACC's RCC and the operational focus of the JFC, its efforts are divided between tactical execution and operational planning (fig.
As already mentioned, these personnel struggle with dual tasking, serving as the component RCC and operational JSRC throughout the joint operations area.