JSSAPJoint Service Small Arms Program
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Although the original intent of the LSAT ATO was to reduce the weight of the weapons and ammunition, JSSAP added the goal of reducing maintenance and training requirements with the intent to make a weapon that was simpler with fewer parts to disassemble, clean, and replace.
Using a new way of looking at how the projectile is packaged, the JSSAP has developed a two-path approach.
As someone who officially carried the M1911, and unofficially, the S&W M39 and S&W M60, in the service, I was surprised the JSSAP ended up with as large and heavy a sidearm as they did.
The US JSSAP has plans to develop a lightweight mount (14 to 16 kg) to enhance the MK19's utility as a foot soldier's weapon.
Likewise, JSSAP R & D contracts soon to be let for the Advanced Crew-Served Weapon System (ACSW) project could address improved grenade munitions as well.
Air Force, the 92S-1/92SB was introduced, which included a firing-pin block and had relocated the magazine release to a position behind the triggerguard rather than at the bottom of the grip, The final 92FS that won the JSSAP competition stood in complete contrast with the then-issued M1911A1, whose hand-assembled, hand-finished production and requirement for gunsmith-level maintenance didn't align with the government's vision for a low-cost, automated future.
The light machine gun is part of the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) program, which is managed by the JSSAP, part of the Army's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.
The NSWC and its SEAL teams vehemently opposed the results of the JSSAP pistol trials that awarded Beretta the M9 contract in April 1985.
While there has been much heated debate about the wisdom of this stipulation, the fact remains that it has been an essential element in JSSAP specifications.
At that JSSAP conference, I made a recommendation some considered radical: that every member of the U.S.