JSSFJapan Securities Scholarship Foundation (educational award)
JSSFJeay Sindh Students Federation
JSSFJapanese Society for Surgery of the Foot
JSSFJersey Shore Science Fair (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
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A heatmap (Figure 4) indicates a lower JSSF pain score around the right bottom corner, indicating that patients with the worst talocrural and subtalar Larsen grades suffered severe pain.
There was no correlation between the JSSF pain score and the FTA (R = -0.06, p = 0.21) or THFA (R = -0.08, p = 0.13).
In this study, the JSSF pain score increased as the destruction of the hindfoot.
Caption: Figure 4: Heatmap of the JSSF pain scores of all patients, categorized by the Larsen grade of the talocrural and subtalar joints.
Students wing of Tahreek, JSSF, worked in the educational institutions of the province.
Some leaders of JSSF were themselves involved in criminal activities, but government did not move against those notorious persons.
Idress Chandio, a member of the Central Committee of Jeay Sindh Tahreek, Bagh Bughio, Chairman, Sindhi Porhiat Sangat, Faiz Pirzada, General Secretary, JSSF, and Asghar Qureshi, Joint Secretary of JSSF, and many others left the Tahreek.
JSSF ankle-hindfoot scale score had improved overall to 90 points (pain 40/40, function 40/50, and alignment 10/10).
Her preoperative JSSF ankle/hindfoot scale score was 29/100 (pain 0/40, function 19/50, and alignment 10/10) and her VAS score for pain was 8/10.
Her JSSF ankle-hindfoot scale score improved overall to 95 points (pain 40/40, function 45/50, alignment 10/10).
The activists of the JSQM Nawabshah led by Ali Raza Khaskheli, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Rashid Chandio and others recorded a protest demonstration for the recovery of the missing District President of the JSSF TMK Sufi Hamid on Saturday.
DADU -- A large number of the activists of different nationalist parties including JSQM, JSMM, JSQM-A, JSM, JSSF and others resigned from their party membership while addressing a press conference on Thursday.