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Data collection was done by interview method using a tool prepared based on the guidelines of JSSK of Government of India.
The data on the number of deliveries, 4 years before and after implementation of JSSK in Sir Takhtsinhji hospital (July 1, 2012), was also compared.
The primary outcome variable was a dichotomous variable (good knowledge and poor knowledge regarding JSSK).
Multiple logistic regression was carried out to find out significant predictors predicting good knowledge regarding JSSK among post-natal mothers.
9 (30%), 13 (43.33%), and 18 (60%) of the women in <20 years of age knew about JSSK, JSY, and availability of free treatment and referral facility for complications during pregnancy, respectively.
Young mothers were also having higher knowledge regarding JSY and JSSK also.
showed only 12.9% of the women were aware of all components of JSSK and 1.4% could name the JSSK.
The JSY and JSSK programmes have incentivized pregnant women to access healthcare in greater numbers," he added.
Chairperson Sonia Gandhi said that the JSSK was a step further in ensuring
(13) Another study showed that 83.5% of the study population that accessed JSSK benefits incurred OOPE.
(16) Hence bringing forth the limitation of JSSK to restrict OOPE, especially for a state like Odisha with high utilisation of public healthcare facilities (more than 70%, second highest after Assam), with an average OOPE US$62 (INR 4225) for child birth in public healthcare institution.
Our descriptive study examined the average OOPE for child birth in Odisha, the rising OOPE for child birth, and whether JSSK had any role in providing financial risk protection to the beneficiaries.