JSSPJapanese Society of Sport Psychology (Chukyo University; Japan)
JSSPJob-Shop Scheduling Problem
JSSPJustice Sector Support Program (Afghanistan; government consortium)
JSSPJournal of Societal and Social Policy
JSSPJavaScript Server Pages
JSSPJob Site Safety Plan
JSSPJoint Security Systems Program
JSSPJoint Stockpile Sampling Program
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JSSP promotes the development of and the passion for the arts, dance, and music, while also perpetuating close cultural ties between the Philippines and Austria.
JSSP presents annual musical events to fulfill its mission to develop love of music, dance and the arts, as well as to perpetuate the close cultural ties between the Philippines and the Republic of Austria, while extending financial assistance to cultural, charitable and religious organizations.
[18] present new hybrid multi-neighborhood based shuffled frog leaping algorithm with path relinking (RMN-SFLA-PR) for solving JSSP and MNW.
[12] proposed the unordered subsequence exchange crossover in genetic algorithm for reducing the makespan interval in the JSSP. To reduce the makespan duration and locate the optimal schedule special crossover technique, unordered subsequence exchange crossover was proposed in genetic algorithm (GA).
Due to this difficulty, and growth of problem size the focus of the researcher has turned to approximation algorithms such as heuristics and meta-heuristics (genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and Tabu search) instead of exact methods which has become inapplicable in practice[5].In spite of this, the problem is difficult and cannot be solved efficiently by applying any single technique, so a great deal of research has focused on hybrid methods[6].For JSSP, hybrid GA and local search methods have been used, where the effectiveness of local search increases the performance of GA in locating optimal or near optimal solutions[7].
The experiments on JSSP are performed on 6 * 6, 10 * 10, and 20 * 5 instances, respectively, and its convergence efficiency and GANT are shown in Figures 7 and 8.
In addition, there is the Canadian Forces' joint Space Support Project or JSSP, which will develop and implement two specific space-related capabilities to enhance the operational effectiveness of the military for domestic and international operations.
Job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is a difficult NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem.
Solving JSSP by introducing Hamilton similarity and time dependent fitness scaling, Strojniski vestnik--Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.
En general, el algoritmo tiene un buen desempeno en comparacion con otros algoritmos que tratan de resolver el JSSP (Job Shop Scheduling Problem).