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JSTJapan Science and Technology Agency
JSTJapan Standard Time (GMT+0900)
JSTJubilee Sailing Trust (UK)
JSTJoseph Smith Translation
JSTJWFC (Joint Warfighting Center) Support Team
JSTJohnstown, PA, USA - Johnstown Cambria (Airport Code)
JSTJeunes Schaerbeekois Au Travail (French: Schaerbeek Youth at Work; Belgium)
JSTJunior Scratch Tour (youth bowling tour)
JSTJoint Spatio-Temporal Filtering
JSTJunior Scratch Tournament (bowling)
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I am now counselor to the president of the JST and working at the China Research and Communication Center (CRCC) as well as with the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science Promotion, called the Sakura Exchange Program in Science.
JST is led by Craig and Brett Johnson, third and fourth generation oilfield service entrepreneurs.
The JST inertia locking system, which prevents a false mated condition.
From a total of 14 617 cases of musculoskeletal tumors diagnosed and treated at JST during a 40-year period, 9200 patients had a diagnosis of a primary bone tumor.
The roadmap projects outlined by JST involved two-layers.
With this new system, JST aims to clarify how molecules of a candidate drug reach a specific cell and the changes that take place there.
The ACHLR Series from JST includes a single row 2 position 1.
The crew's arrival in Rio is a huge achievement and highlights the great work done by the JST.
His current law firm JST Lawyers and his former firm Keith Park Solicitors of St Helens were also named as defendants in the case - mainly because Mr Rigby worked for them at the time.
Peter Rigby, of Liverpool-based JST Lawyers, has been dragged into an action being brought by a group of international investors against American investment fund Montague Morgan Slade (MMS).
JST, which is engaged in cruise, golf and ski travel, recorded after-tax profits of GBP200,000 on sales of GBP1.
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