JSTCJoint Scientific and Technical Committee (GCOS)
JSTCJapan Society for Technical Communication
JSTCJung Shin Trading Company (industrial machine dealer; South Korea)
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The long-term objective of the JSTC is to nurture a security work force with the skills needed to effectively address the contemporary security environment.
The JSTC fosters this goal via four interrelated core functions: the development of common policies for training and professional development; the evaluation and development of professional certification programs; the establishment of standards for and reciprocity among training programs; and the articulation of training requirements and support for their fulfillment.
The related issues are discussed in the existing Indo-Nepal bilateral three tier mechanisms comprising of (i) Joint Ministerial Level Commission on Water Resources (JMCWR) (ii) Joint Committee on Water Resources (JCWR) and (iii) Joint Standing Technical Committee (JSTC).
Tenders are invited for inspection, maintenance, testing and repair services for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) systems at journal square transportation center (jstc).
all interested parties shall meet at the jstc, one path plaza, 7th floor, large conference room, jersey city, nj 07310.
The Journal Square Transportation Center (JSTC) is bordered on the North by Sip Avenue, bordered on the East by Summit Avenue, and bordered on the West by Kennedy Boulevard.