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This finding corroborated with the finding of Aina (2014) which showed that majority of respondents were aware of Academic Journal 59 (69.4%), followed by JSTOR 48 (56.5%) and EBSCO host 43(50.6).
Besides the rollout of JSTOR we are looking at several programs that might prove to be financially rewarding.
Project MUSE, Elsevier and JSTOR report that their companies are pulling sales files and KBART files from the same product databases.
JPASS provides monthly or annual access to the JSTOR library of more than 1,700 academic journals.
Finally, to promote lifelong learning and sustain our members' interests in the life of the mind, we have recently secured partnerships with JSTOR and The Teaching Company, the entity that owns the The Great Courses program.
Our scholarly journal, American Jewish History, will also be available online on the digital library JSTOR) by the end of 2014.
I am also very happy to inform our readers that in addition to over 250 libraries receiving a printed copy of the journal and more than 1000 AATI members receiving a printed or digital copy, Italica is received, via JSTOR, by 6,547 institutions and by 154 different countries throughout the world.
The JMI has faced changes and challenges over the years including moving to a closer and more efficient printing company, joining JSTOR and its various programs, and keeping up with and adjusting to new developments in publishing and media technology.
He was arrested in 2011, for downloading academic articles from a subscription-based research website JSTOR -- at his university -- with the intention of making them available to the public.
Specific sources and databases for different areas of the humanities and social studies are listed, such as Gale Virtual Reference Library, World Cat, JSTOR, and Project Muse.
He spoofed his ID on the network to remain undetected and downloaded millions of academic journals from JSTOR. (6)