JSVMJoint Scalable Video Model
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1.The original YUV video file is sliced into smaller YUV video segments using The JSVM BitStream Extractor library [22].
2.Each small video segment is encoded using JSVM encoder, which generates the encoded H.264 segment files for each video.
The experimental results of the proposed algorithms were variously compared with those of the JSVM reference software, Tae algorithm [11], and Seon-2 algorithm [13].
All the results are presented as percentages relative to those of the JSVM. The ILIP and ILBM algorithms are also compared with the Seon-2 algorithm and the FIB and FBM algorithms with the Tae algorithm.
For verifying the performance of our AdaptiveSTB, we generated real scalable layers using the JSVM codec from real media streams and then obtained type, time, and size of each frame for a scalable layer.
[33] ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC29/WG 11 and ITU-T SG16 Q.6, "Joint Scalable Video Model (JSVM) Software Manual," Included in JVT-X203.
Wien, Joint Scalable Video Model 11(JSVM 11), Joint Video Team, Doc.
In this section, we introduce how to produce SVC and CSVC from JSVM test model of H.264/AVC standards, some concepts of partial CSI in MIMO-OFDM systems, and then describe system model of the proposed framework scheme on adaptive CSVC.
We use JSVM Reference Software (version 9.19.7 [27]) to encode the sequence into an H.264/AVC stream with a GOP (Group of Pictures) size of 9 frames.
The current Joint Scalable Video Model (JSVM) codec (version 9.19), which is the existing reference open source software for H.264/SVC coding and decoding, cannot decode properly in these situations.
For the experiments, SOCCER_352x288_30_oring_02_yuv video clip was encoded into SVC profile layers using reference software JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) [14], as is shown in Table 1.
The Joint Scalable Video Model (JSVM) reference software version 9.15 is used to encode both the 2D video and the depth map simultaneously as a scalable video bit stream.