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JScriptJavaScript (Microsoft version of JavaScript)
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For example, in order to access the functions in jscript.dll, API hooking can access only four functions: DllCanUnloadNow, DllGetClassObject, DllRegisterServer, and DllUnregisterServer, because it cannot access the internal functions of COM.
With the ASP middleware, the business logic is implemented in scripts written using either the VBScript (Visual Basic Script) or JScript (a variant of Java) programming language.
The Scripting Engine contained within Canvas allows scripts written in VBScript, JScript and other Windows Automation-compliant systems to perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks quickly without human intervention.
It does not, however, allow any sort of external control using scripting programs in VB-Script or JScript, or from third-party "glue" software.
language with its browser ("JScript"), and two years ago
While some details remain sketchy, this much is known: Stinger, which is based on Windows CE 3.0, will include Outlook companion for contact management; Mobile Internet Explorer for viewing Web content, including support for SSL, XML, Jscript, and WML script; a "unified" inbox for voicemail and multiple-account email management; and desktop (USB) and over-the-air synchronization.