JTANJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
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[Z.sub.C](off) = [Z.sub.0][1/j[omega][C.sub.off] + j[Z.sub.0] tan [[theta].sub.1] + j[Z.sub.0] tan [[theta].sub.2]/[Z.sub.0] + jtan [[theta].sub.2](1/j[omega][C.sub.off] + j[Z.sub.0] tan [[theta].sub.1]]) (4)
Cienfuegos: "jTan lindo el sastrecito!", exclama empleando,
The Richards' transform, [6] S = jtan ([pi]/2 f/[f.sub.s.]), transforms the lowpass response on the j[omega] axis in the S-plane into a bandstop response in the f-plane (Figure 3b).