JTARJoint Tactical Air(strike) Request
JTARJust to Annoy Ray (band)
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supporting an equal-or-higher priority JTAR. If the strike asset is
Similar to the JTAR for strike requests, requests for ISR emphasize
The JTAR process streamlines CAS employment, but such is not the case for collection management.
Because the land component can't fulfill reconnaissance-support requirements from organic assets or from surveillance and reconnaissance platforms, it now uses the JTAR process to request armed reconnaissance from traditional CAS assets.
The tactical satellite (TACSAT) and mobile subscriber equipment (MSE) offer a current, fielded technology to aid communication on the battlefield, but newer, more advanced systems, such as the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTARS), are needed to bring effective communications to the battlefield.
We'd then have a couple hours off until we launched to support scheduled joint-tactical-air requests JTARs).