JTAVJoint Total Asset Visibility
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Using JTAV will allow the military services to forecast, procure, and use supplies collectively instead of individually and will result in more efficiently used resources and cost savings across the board.
The proper force structure and JTAV will make the JTF logistics commander and staff successful and will enable them to make decisions regarding incoming troops, supplies, and equipment.
In this article we reviewed much of the current technology for improving supply chain visibility and made recommendations as to how this technology might be implemented within the Air Force in order to support its JTAV 2020 initiative.
If we do not connect Army Logisticians, improve the capability of the distribution system, modernize force reception, provide integrated supply management and give the joint force combatant commanders JTAV, we will study these same lessons after the next major conflict.
Solis recommends a comprehensive DOD approach to JTAV. This GAO report says-- While DOD has taken a number of actions to direct the implementation of passive RFID [radio frequency identification], it has not yet developed a comprehensive strategic management approach....
DLA's Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) has absorbed the JTAV software system that was previously managed by the U.S.
XML allows data to be processed with software applications such as the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System, the Global Transportation Network, and JTAV.
Unfortunately, the services have never come to closure from a joint perspective as to what the JTAV business rules are, which would allow one service to penetrate the safety levels of inventory balances down to the appropriate levels.
This situation could have been eliminated immediately had I had the opportunity to canvas, query and cut requisitions." Going back to the business rules inside JTAV is to me the biggest single issue that we as logisticians have to deal with to include the issue of the retrograde pipeline.
You also conduct a JTAV search, which shows that a Marine Corps unit located nearby has an "extra" widget, which it agrees to loan to the Army unit you've been supporting.
This makes the data available to JTAV and agency requests through output feeds or the World Wide Web.
As we received attached movement controllers from across the Army, it became apparent that training on GTN and JTAV is spotty among traffic management coordinators and transportation officers, and knowledge of the Air Force Systems (GDSS and SMS) is almost nonexistent.