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JTC1Joint Technical Committee 1 (ISO/IEC)
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AhG Chair and Project Editor of ISO/IEC JTC1 WG11 (MPEG: MPEG-7, MPEG-A, MPEG-V, MPEG-IoMT)
This contrasts sharply with the JTC1 process on a given proposal that typically takes years to progress from beginning to end.
When the first round of voting indicated that the PAS process was not well understood by anyone, Sun published the JTC1 process rules and all the comments from national bodies around the world on our Web site.
The most significant part of this reengineering has been the introduction of a new process to allow organizations that previously could not submit standards directly to the top level of JTC1 to now shortcut to the top.
OMG has been working cooperatively with experts from the JTC1 for a number of years and has had PAS Submitter status since 1998.
The proposals are expected to get a decisive airing at the ISO's JTC1 Java group plenary meeting in Rio de Janeiro in January.
25] ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27, "ISO 27001:2013 Information technology - Information Security Management System," ISO/IEC, 2013.
To address these concerns, ISO/IEC JTC1 created a project called SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability determination) in 1993, assigning it to SC7, the subcommittee that developed the 12207 standard.
For example, JTC1 might experiment with IETF-like procedures by sharing some standards on the Internet.
JTC1, a joint committee of the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, and IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission, has accepted and published the Trusted Computing Group Trusted Platform Module specification v1.
Multimedia and hypermedia standardization, a report from the ad hoc Study Group on Multimedia Standardization to the ISO/IEC's JTC1 TAG.