JTCTSJoint Tactical Combat Training System
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The problem with JTCTS, he said, is that "it was trying to do too much."
Some JTCTS prototypes were tested at sea last year and "achieved some success," said Dickson.
Dickson predicted that the Navy will end up buying "off-the-shelf" training pods to fill its needs in the absence of JTCTS. Air-combat maneuvering instrumentation systems are available on the market today.
John Walsh, assistant director of collective training at the office of the defense secretary, lamented the fact that the Navy spent $100 million on JTCTS and "got nothing." Ultimately, he said, "I think JTCTS failed, because the contractor didn't go through with it and build it."
Asked whether the failure resulted from JTCTS being a joint program, Walsh was noncommittal.
The JTCTS program has been criticized for being overly complex and too expensive.
"Primary causes of the JTCTS schedule delay were assessed as software development issues, inadequate management and key personnel turnover.
If the deployment on the Kitty Hawk is successful, Raytheon expects to receive a production contract for JTCTS next year.
In the future, Ricci said, JTCTS will be compatible with Army ground range instrumentation.
The next-generation Joint Strike Fighter, he said, has a requirement to be JTCTS compatible.
One of the JTCTS subcontractors, Cubic Defense Systems, in San Diego, has been one of the dominant players in the range instrumentation industry.
"At this time, Raytheon does nor plan to use any of the KITS technology in the JTCTS program," said Ricci.