JTCWJoint Tactical COP (Common Operational Picture) Workstation
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First, we divided the problem in two: the battalion and above (BAA)/command post team had the mission to investigate converging the Marine Corps' JTCW and the Army's maneuver control system to the JTCW; the brigade and below (BAB)/platform team had the mission of investigating converging the Army's FBCB2 and the Marine Corps' Digital Automated Computer Terminal to FBCB2.
Up to this point we were focused on applications only, converging one Service to JTCW hardware and software and the other Service to FBCB2 hardware and software.
For the purpose of analyzing courses of action, the technical/architecture workgroup analyzed what additional development was necessary for JTCW and FBCB2 to meet both Services' ORDs and must-haves.