JTEKJazelle Technology Enabling Kit
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ARM Jazelle JTEK software technology enables execution of Java byte code in hardware, offering the capability to run these new and demanding applications much faster, without compromising efficiency or cost.
Swerve Client and Jazelle JTEK software sets the market benchmark for ease of integration, reduced handset development time and lower costs," said Lance Howarth, general manager of Embedded Software, ARM.
Jazelle JTEK software utilizes the Jazelle DBX acceleration hardware built into ARM processors including the ARM926EJ-S(TM) processor, which powers many of the most popular feature phones and smart phones available today.
Embedded Java technology offers consumers better mobile applications without compromising battery life, which is why ZRRT has chosen to work with ARM and its proven JTEK solution for the UniJa Java environment for mobile phones.
With the ARM JTEK technology and the Swerve Client, providers can deliver enhanced user experiences, and everyone in the mobile market chain - including chip makers, operators and users - wins.
Incorporating ARM JTEK technology, the de-facto solution for Java acceleration on embedded devices, in our products will enable us to meet China's appetite for powerful, mobile Java applications.
Sony Ericsson will incorporate the ARM JTEK software in its designs to enable the Jazelle technology embedded within the ARM926EJ-S(tm) processor, to accelerate the execution of Java applications.
Sony Ericsson will begin shipping devices incorporating the JTEK software and the Jazelle technology-enabled ARM926EJ-S processor during 2004.
Editions of JTEK and VTK software are available from ARM to target all current Sun embedded Java technologies, J2ME (CDC, CLDC), and Personal Java.
The JTEK is available for the Java KVM and CVM virtual machine technologies and can be ported to all popular operating systems, including Linux, PalmOS, ITRON, Symbian and WindowsCE.