JTEPJournal of Transport Economics and Policy (UK)
JTEPJapan Thailand Economic Partnership (Bangkok, Thailand)
JTEPJoint Range Extension Tactical Equipment Package
JTEPJoint Range Extension TMPG Equipment Package (USAF)
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The Deployable Force on Force Instrumented Range System (DFIRST) is the initial live instrumentation component system for JTEP. It is a comprehensive instrumented training system for armored ground combat maneuver and gunnery exercises.
SRI International developed both JTEP and DFIRST for the California National Guard.
In May 2003, the Guard held its first live demonstrations of JTEP, at Camp San Luis Obispo and Camp Roberts, both about 50 miles apart.
"Simply put, JTEP is a program that integrates the live, virtual and constructive training environments to allow units to train as complete units, but at substantially reduced costs and reduced travel time," said California National Guard JTEP program manager, Col.
"The outcomes of JTEP allow a unit to link all three environments into the same exercise.
JTEP can also conduct battalion-level exercises more cost effectively, said John Shockley, SRI's senior research engineer.
Initially, there were a number of challenges in creating JTEP, according to Shockley.
The systems also needed an interface capability, so that they could be linked for the JTEP exercises, he said.
While the scope of these journals certainly overlaps with those of the remaining six journals, the substantive focus of the research appearing in JTEP and JTRF often examines issues outside of the core business disciplines, as indicated in part by the relatively high proportion of authors from agricultural economics, civil and environmental engineering, economics, and urban planning departments (approximately 75 percent of the authorship for each journal during the 2005-2007 time period).