JTF-GNOJoint Task Force - Global Network Operations
JTF-GNOJoint Task Force-Global Network Operations
JTF-GNOJoint Task Force Global Network Operations (US DoD)
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The NCOs of DISA and JTF-GNO are assisting operations for every Combatant Command.
As the JTF-GNO commander, Croom is responsible for directing the operation and defense of the Global Information Grid to assure timely and secure net-centric capabilities across strategic, operational and tactical boundaries in support of DoD's full spectrum of warfighting, intelligence, and business missions.
As a consequence, the JTF-GNO must provide guaranteed availability of systems and networks, assured delivery, and protection of information.
Operating in this unique and dynamic area of responsibility, the JTF-GNO has command relationships with all DOD commands, Services, and agencies.
Mary Ann is among the pioneers in modern wireless and satellite telecommunications," said Dave Bryan, MG US Army (Ret), former Commander of JTF-GNO and vice director of DISA.
The DoD now needs to establish the same type of momentum on the physical access side that the JTF-GNO Communications Tasking Order provided on the logical access side.
While the JTF-GNO timeline is very aggressive, our shared commitment to this effort is crucial.
In issuing the alerts, JTF-GNO also identifies specific assets subject to IAVA.