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(5) Leading this effort, the 2017 JTG also directs that the
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But the current Chinese Highway bridge design common specification (JTG D60--2015) recommends that the horizontal earth pressure should be regarded as trapezoidal load to calculate the internal force of the culvert components, which is quite different from the actual situation, as shown in Figure 14.
In order to evaluate the reasonableness of the equivalent static force as impact design force of AASHTO-LRFD, Eurocode 1, and JTG D60-2004, the peak impact force (PIF) from numerical results was converted into the equivalent static force (ESF), according to the equivalent displacement method; that is,
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Considering the above causes, which would lead to prestress loss of CFL, and based on the code of (JTG D62-2012) [12], the prestress loss during tension, ohxlp (MPa), can be calculated as follows:
The LTE parameters used in this study are taken from input documents to JTG 4-5-6-7 working group from WP5D [6].
JTG Holdings Ltd, the master franchisee for the Jones the Grocer brand in the MENA region, has purchased the global rights to the brand.