JTKJeff the Killer
JTKJam to Kill (laser jamming)
JTKJames T. Kirk (Star Trek character)
JTKJulius Tallberg-Kiinteistöt (Finland)
JTKJust Type Kill (gaming)
JTKJava Tool Kit
JTKJunior Tennis Kinetics
JTKJohtotietokeskus (Finnish)
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'The company must inform the JTK in its respective district and the JTK must also have a meeting with the company and its employees much earlier.
A lack of government transparency and its apparent reluctance to acknowledge the growing Islamic State influence in Bangladesh has made it difficult to ascertain who exactly carried out the attacks on Shi' a, foreigners, and places of worship, but it is possible some of the attacks were the work of Jund al-Tawheed wal Khilafah (JTK).
A major theme running through the literature is the issue as to whether these various forms of industrial policy played a large, or even overwhelming, role in the successes of JTK or were, alternatively, only very minor (or possibly even counterproductive) contributors to a story dominated by the free interplay of market forces.
DLA, JTK -- 14/HF 2 CTA/FFI/L24, Bishop Kidd Papers, Memo -- London Separate School Board to Mr.
Kulasegaran added that the ministry has also instructed the labour department (JTK) to further strengthen its enforcement activities, especially to ensure compliance amongst the SME employers.
at the recorder's office, located on the first floor of the JTK Administration Building, 421 N.
W doswiadczeniach wykorzystywano zawiesiny grzybow (fragmenty grzybni i zarodniki) o stezeniu 1,76x[10.sup.7] JTK (jednostki tworzace kolonie) x[cm.sup.-3].
The automaker has named Paragon Fleet Solutions (Paragon) and JTK as its new suppliers.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference and site visit will be held at dupage county jtk administration building 421 n.
Stezenie zywych mikroorganizmow (bakteryjnych i grzybowych) bylo wyrazane jako liczba jednostek tworzacych kolonie (jtk), obecnych w 1 [m.sup.3] pobranego powietrza (jtk/[m.sup.3]).
The Voter Outreach Program began when, JTK for Congress, Krysztoforski's campaign committee set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account.
the aim of this contract is a significant reduction of fugitive emissions of air pollution operations coarse and fine screening plants coke (htk, jtk) and at the same time improving the health conditions of its employees.