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The primary mission of a JTLC is to serve as the COCOM's single point of contact for ensuring effective and efficient execution of theater-level logistics.
To execute this mission, the JTLC should be commanded by a general or flag officer selected from one of the services.
The JTLC could be organized around a number of different functional offices or centers that correspond to the joint functions and capabilities assigned by the COCOM.
In this scenario, the JTLC could form and deploy a JFSCC under the JTF commander.
In addition to the functions provided by the JTLC during noncontingency operations, a JFSCC also would conduct joint theater opening and reception; operate the Joint Contracting Center, the Joint Engineering Center, and the Joint Patient Movement Center; and provide mortuary affairs operations, joint service support, and an airdrop support team.
In a contingency environment, the EDDOC (now a subcomponent of the JTLC) also would expand to meet increased mission requirements.
The intent is to illustrate how the JTLC and JFSCC concepts would support a contingency operation.
On receipt of a warning order for a small-scale contingency in "Atlantica," the JTLC coordinates with the COCOM J-3 and J-4 staff to develop a deployment concept.
If the COCOM establishes a JTF, a portion of the JTLC forms a JFSCC.
The JFSCC synchronizes end-to-end inter-and intra-theater distribution operations and coordinates with the rear-area JTLC. The JFSCC establishes and executes the joint mortuary affairs mission using operationally controlled assets.
The second largest institutional obstacle to a JTLC (after a potential personnel bill) is the perceived loss of control over theater logistics assets.
It is imperative to set the conditions and establish theater relationships, such as a JTLC, so that the structure is in place and available in a contingency.