JTLSJoint Theater Level Simulation
JTLSJoint Technical Language Service
JTLSJoint Theater Logistics System
JTLSJohn Troelstrup Land Surveying (Brandon, FL)
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JTL has huge experience in providing work-based learning across England and Wales, with over 6,000 apprentices currently working towards qualifications with them across the building services engineering sector.
One was the lack of specific procedures to follow for extracting munitions expenditures from the JTLS (an exercise tool used to simulate the battle) and entering those data in the JS MUREP.
The JTLS is an interactive, computer-assisted simulation tool used in joint training programs.
While participating in joint exercises, the JLOG/PE staff gained insights into how the JTLS could more accurately model real-world logistics and improve training for combatant commanders and joint task force staffs.
For example, the US did joint training with Polish armed forces last year, mixing both constructive and live simulation, said US Army LTC Kenneth Bartlett, USJCOM's executive program manager for JTLS and JCATS.
Capstone Turbine Corporation the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it has received an order for multiple microturbines from a new distributor, JiangSu Jin Tong Ling (JTL), in China.
JTL provides large centrifugal fans, large centrifugal blowers and high voltage centrifugal blowers, among other products and services.
Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone, said, I am very pleased to welcome JTL to our distributor family in China as they have a very robust business and a solid platform from which to distribute our innovative products.