JTNJustice (Department) Telecommunication Network
JTNJewish Television Network (est. 1981)
JTNJournal of Trauma Nursing (quarterly publication)
JTNJoint Targeting Network
JTNJoin the Nation (Nationwide Insurance marketing campagin)
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The definition (2.5) of F shows that Q = TN [intersection] (J[nu]N), H [direct sum] [bar.H] is the complexification of P = im F = TN [intersection] (JTN) and H = L [intersection] [T.sub.c]N, where L is the i-eigenbundle of J.
"JTN is thrilled to be working with an organization so committed to effecting positive change on behalf of the nations veterans.
JTN: And I believe that is where your father first met C.S.
The netlist of JTAG's JT2153 Training Board was provided in the electronic design interchange format (EDIF) and converted to the proprietary JTAG Technologies Netlist (JTN) format used by JTAG's tools.
We have collected fresh seeds of Pectocarya recurvata Jtn. (Boraginaceae; mean seed mass, [sim]0.95mg) [hereafter referred to as Pectocarya] and Plantago insularis (Plantaginaceae; mean seed mass, [sim]0.95 mg) [hereafter referred to as Plantago], and we have stored them in the laboratory since 1982, as part of a longterm research project on desert annuals (Venable and Pake 1999).
The question of how to match the physical properties of fusible interlinings to shell fabrics was recently addressed by Satoru Nagano (JTN, September 1992).
The recently completed Joint Targeting Network (JTN) Test Project, which was successfully demonstrated in a Korean theater exercise, proved that national, theater and tactical sensors and source over-the-horizon intelligence data could be provided as targeting aids to shooters and decision makers in near real time using a JTN.