JTOCJoint Traffic Operations Center
JTOCJoint Targets Oversight Council
JTOCjump tactical operations center
JTOCJapanese Test of Communication (proficiency test)
JTOCJoint Tactical Operations Center
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Due to limitation of payload , small size capility of most UAV systems and complex installation of hardware devices, the existing JTOCs can't be installed on UAV-based camera systems for in-flight motion detection.
Over the past two decades, considerable research efforts have been devoted to improve JTC techniques and develop sensors of JTOCs with extremely fast processing ability in many research fields and industrial areas aiming at motion measurement by detailed investigations and simulation testing [9-12,16,17,18,22,23].
On the other hand, to preprocess joint power spectrum, various techniques, such as Fourier plane enhancement [16], correlation plane subtraction and phase-shift power spectrum subtraction, have been found to be able to avoid disturbances from self-correlation and produce better correlation performance when compared to conventional JTCs or JTOCs. In [28],the fringe-adjusted filter devices are incorporated in JTOCs for the case of noise-free single and multiple target detection under varying illumination conditions of the input scene.