JTPSJin Tai Primary School (Singapore)
JTPSJoint Tactical Planning System
JTPSJuvenile Tropical Pancreatitis Syndrome
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If the JDN gains wide-spread acceptance by the joint force, it can be transitioned into a JTP to be validated by combatant commanders or, if both validated and extant, can be transitioned directly into joint doctrine.
Similar to the suggestion for Air-Sea Battle, this JDN (if accepted by the joint force) can be transitioned into a JTP for validation or transitioned directly to joint doctrine if it meets doctrinal requirements.
As capabilities become extant, the JOAC may drive production of a JTP or even a JP similar to JP 3-XX, perhaps entitled Achieving Joint Operational Access.
The JTP and JDN are available tools that proponents, who are willing to pick up the flag, can use to accelerate the validation and subsequent transition of valid concepts into joint doctrine.
And it works in both directions: we have seen JTPs supervising summer youth workers, CPWs regularly driving vans with JTPs without getting the "crew chief" pay differential.
In instances in which lower-level workers are asked to do work in a higher-level job description, work in the higher-level description is clearly being devalued, just as much as it is when this lower-level work is being taken over by even more poorly paid JTPs or unpaid community service sentencees.
It was "was not a resounding success." A brief expansion in the number of JTPs in the park led to inconsistencies in the quality of JTPs' work; the barriers they faced in attendance made planning around JTPs difficult.
Outside the conservancies, where JTPs are more prominent, the problems of dealing with a contingent workforce also impress themselves on managers.
Most of the time, the main providers of "discount" labor, JTPs and volunteers, come from very different social backgrounds.
Though not all volunteers fit the description of this corporate volunteer, the gulf between the ways in which their labor and that of JTPs and WEPs is viewed by management remains.
More than 7,300 people entered the POP program as JTPs, though a smaller fraction of those finished.
He said that he would like to increase the time worked by JTPs. In its 2012 budget proposal, however, the DPR will move more than 1,500 "regular" parks workers into seasonal employment to save money (New Yorkers for Parks, 2010).