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JTRJoint Travel Regulation
JTRJava Test Runner
JTRJack the Ripper
JTRJustin Time Records (Canada)
JTRJobs Through Recycling
JTRJoint Tactical Radio
JTRJohn the Revelator (song)
JTRSantorini/Thira Is, Greece - Santorini (Airport Code)
JTRJoint Transport Rotorcraft
JTRJewish Tribal Review (website)
JTRJoint Termination Regulation (US DoD)
JTRJoint Training Readiness
JTRJoint Tactical Radar
JTRJudge Trial Referee
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(19.) Oliveira FP, Vanni T, Pinto HA, Santos JTR, Figueiredo AM, Araujo SQ, et al.
For example, if the JTR is updated, we have to modify only one system, but when the FAR gets updated, we have to update dozens of systems.
Papaver nudicaule was the most rich in BBR among the poppies, Eschscholzia californica contained the highest amount (4.6%) of JTR and STP (3.7%) in the herb, and Papaver pseudo-orientale was characterized by a high content of PLT (5.7%)--the highest among all tested extracts.
Three or four indecipherable letters, JTR , or GSBM , or CETA.
Airports registering particularly high growth rates included: Zakynthos (ZTH), up 27.4 percent; Kos (KGS), up 18.8 percent; Mykonos (JMK), up 16.0 percent; and Santorini (JTR), up 14.1 percent.
An authorizing official may authorize exceptions based on mission, distance or lower rate, as well as other exceptions listed in the JTR.
[4.] Ripke S, Neale BM, Corvin A, Walters JTR, Farh K-H, Holmans PA, et al.
85) (use [section] 25 Oct 13) of government 1349-1351, vehicles) Adverse Joint Travel Personnel Regulations Memorandum from Actions, (JTR) General Criminal Counsel, Office Penalty, & AD 2007-01 "Sec of Gov't Reports on Army Policy for Ethics, to Violations Travel by DA Designated Officials" (25 Agency Ethics Jan 07) Officials, subject: AR 58-1, Speaking and "Management, Similar Acquisition, Engagements and Use of Involving Motor Vehicles" Presentation of (12 Jun 14) Information on Behalf of the Air Force Agency (7 Sept.
The remaining 11 are on the Greek islands of Corfu/ Kerkyra (CFU), Crete/Chania (CHQ), Kefalonia (EFL), Kos (KGS), Mitilini (MJT), Mykonos (JMK), Rhodes (RHO), Samos (KGS), Santorini (JTR), Skiathos (JSI) and Zakynthos (ZTH).
The list also included three tourism journals: Annals of Tourism Research (ATR), the Journal of Travel Research (JTR), and Tourism Management (TM).
Like group act JTR and soloist Jiordan Tolli before them, THIRD D3GREE has been eliminated after landing at the dreaded category.