JTRFJournal of the Transportation Research Forum (Fargo, ND)
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We performed an additional sensitivity analysis, based on the input of one the original manuscript's reviewers, who suggested that two of the eight journals--Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (JTEP) and Journal of the Transportation Research Forum (JTRF)--may not be as oriented toward a business perspective as the remaining six journals.
Future research in our series of studies might again contrast institutional output with and without the two journals examined in our sensitivity analysis--JTEP and JTRF. While the scope of these journals certainly overlaps with those of the remaining six journals, the substantive focus of the research appearing in JTEP and JTRF often examines issues outside of the core business disciplines, as indicated in part by the relatively high proportion of authors from agricultural economics, civil and environmental engineering, economics, and urban planning departments (approximately 75 percent of the authorship for each journal during the 2005-2007 time period).
In addition, the Journal of the Transportation Research Forum (JTRF) has instituted a new publication format in 2005.