JTRFJournal of the Transportation Research Forum (Fargo, ND)
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The weighted number of articles per university including all eight journals (column 3 of Table 6) and without JTEP and JTRF (column 5 of the table) are fairly similar, with a Pearson correlation equal to 0.
While the scope of these journals certainly overlaps with those of the remaining six journals, the substantive focus of the research appearing in JTEP and JTRF often examines issues outside of the core business disciplines, as indicated in part by the relatively high proportion of authors from agricultural economics, civil and environmental engineering, economics, and urban planning departments (approximately 75 percent of the authorship for each journal during the 2005-2007 time period).
JTRF will maintain the current print edition and even intends to expand to three issues per year (from two issues per year at present).