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JGDJava Game Development
JGDJava Gateway Daemon
JGDJapanische Gesellschaft für Deutschstudien (German: Japanese Society for German Studies)
JGDJapan Groundwater Development Co. Ltd.
JGDJoint Ground Domain (Joint Tactical Radio System; US DoD)
JGDJohn G Diefenbaker High School (Calgary, Alberta)
JGDJTRS(Joint Tactical Radio Systems) Ground Domain (US DoD)
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RR is integral to the JTRS ground domain and is being developed within the HMS program.
In November 2008, the JTRS Ground Domain HMS program delivers 40 EDM RR to the Army Evaluation Task Force, Fort Bliss, Texas, to conduct a program-led usability study prior to the formal limited user test scheduled for April 2009.