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Most notably, among the five unions that have consistently elected sponsored candidates, two, the All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union (Jichiro) and the Japan Teachers' Union (JTU), are public-sector unions that do not have company towns.
'I understand that Sabah JTU has deployed two survey teams full-time in my village (Kampung Maukab) which is the first to benefit from PANTAS in Ranau district and under the programme, I will obtain a land grant of about five acres (2 hectares),' he said.
NTT Group in cooperation with ITU and JTU, will begin providing distribution of images of the Elite Paratriathlon race, a competition of top athletes with disabilities, and official triathlon related smart phone apps, beginning with WTS Yokohama 2016 and continuing with future races, while developing a race data tracking system.
Given JTU Wales has accepted ColegauCymru's improved pay offer, the threat of industrial action has now been averted.
"The new model is absolutely a significant reform for the city's public transport industry," said JTU vice dean Huang Zhen.
Instrumental methods have largely replaced the candle turbidimeter for control of treatment; however, instruments may still be calibrated in units based on the Jackson Turbidity Units (JTU) or Jackson Candle Units (JCU).
Representatives from ATL, GMB, NASUWT, UCU, Ucac and Unison - under the banner of Joint Trade Unions (JTU) Wales - have been offered a 1% cost of living pay rise for 2014-15, subject to the final approval of representative body Colegau-Cymru.
Margaret Phelan, Joint Trade Union (JTU) Wales secretary, said: "Our members have received belowinflation pay rises over a number of years that has seen a significant real terms loss of pay in the face of rising prices for food, heating and other essential goods."
The authority's intervention has been welcomed by the joint trade unions (JTU) campaigning to save the jobs.
The breakthrough of weak floc allowed virus penetration even though finished water turbidity was less than 1 jtu. When relatively clear water was treated, virus penetration increased.