JU88Junkers 88 (German WWII bomber)
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It was early afternoon on January 13, 1942, when four Junkers Ju88 bombers of Kampfgruppe 506 were despatched along the coast of the North-east.
It was intercepted on its way home by a German JU88 piloted by Officer Holtfreiter and hits to its wing and controls set the plane on fire.
Serfontein when they were attacked by a German Ju88 night fighter and shot down near the Hungarian town of Eger.
A propellor from a German ME110 or Ju88, netted by fishermen in 1981.
On the July 7, 1944, a month after D-Day the battle was still raging when the Luftwaffe obviously didn't like the look of our radar aerials and the ship received a direct hit from a torpedo dropped by a JU88.
Information is wanted on the airmen in the photograph; TROPHY: Airmen from RAF Acklington show off part of a German Ju88 they shot down over Bedlington in 1941 PICTURE: BILL NORMAN; WARTIME DAMAGE: A bombed house; AIR RAID: Bomb damage in the region
He also shared in the destruction of a Ju88 bomber in what is the fastest recorded "kill" and which has been depicted by aviation artist Robert Taylor.