JU88Junkers 88 (German WWII bomber)
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A day later, they destroyed an Me109 and an Me110, shared an Me110, two Ju87 "Stukas" and a Ju88.
Above, a Junkers Ju88 German plane of the type that was shot down over Banks Marsh on its way to bomb Liverpool
Shortly before 3pm, Ju88 S4+AH sank the SS Lerwick four miles off Robin Hood's Bay, while other aircraft damaged the SS Empire Masefield.
He also shared in the destruction of a Ju88 bomber in what is the fastest recorded "kill" and which has been depicted by aviation artist Robert Taylor.
During Christmas,1942, on his first patrol in command of HMS Tribune, Porter was bombed by a Ju88.
On the July 7, 1944, a month after D-Day the battle was still raging when the Luftwaffe obviously didn't like the look of our radar aerials and the ship received a direct hit from a torpedo dropped by a JU88.
John was christened here with Zucco's urine while lying in a foxhole, Schubert wore Conrad's trousers, while Art [Arthur Del Corso] dived for a foxhole the night when the JU88 flew over the apple orchard.
Serfontein when they were attacked by a German Ju88 night fighter and shot down near the Hungarian town of Eger.
A propellor from a German ME110 or Ju88, netted by fishermen in 1981.
The Heinkel He111, Junkers Ju88 and Dornier Do17 long-range bombers were soundly built, could absorb much punishment, and were crewed by experienced men.
It was intercepted on its way home by a German JU88 piloted by Officer Holtfreiter and hits to its wing and controls set the plane on fire.