JUASJapan Users Association of Information Systems (formerly Japan Date Processing Association)
JUASJoint Universities Accelerator School (est. 1994)
JUASJoint Unmanned Aerial System (US DoD)
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"The JUAS COE has published a joint UAS CONOPS, which includes
The coordinating committee reactivation comes as more states are creating JUAs for medical malpractice, commercial liability and other lines.
(63) See AIPSO, Joint Underwriting Associations (JUAs), http://www.aipso.com/jua.asp (last visited Jan.
If carriers leave the California market or reduce the capacity they make available, the formation of state-administered joint underwriting associations (JUAs) and other residual market mechanisms will be inevitable.
This study analyzes the differences between the two major forms of automobile residual market facility used in the United States: assigned risk plans (ARPs) and joint underwriting associations (JUAs).
These risk-sharing pools are similar in nature to the automobile insurance plans (AIPs) and joint underwriting associations (JUAs) used to subsidize high-risk drivers in many states.
Direct writer market share is significantly higher in states which have both non-competitive rating (NCR) laws and active joint underwriting associations (JUAs) than in states which have only one or neither of these characteristics.
Aside form tort reform, the availability crisis of the 1970s has generated enough turmoil to induce the creation of state "residual" markets to provide malpractice insurance to high-risk providers through joint underwriting associations (JUA).