JUCCCEJoint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy
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Peggy Liu, the founder of JUCCCE, is working with Chinese consumers, producers and bureaucrats to define and implement a more sustainable "Chinese dream'' that must be different from the American dream of a house, a car, a yard and a throwaway economy for all.
So Juccce has been working with Chinese mayors and social networks, sustainability experts and Western advertising agencies to catalyse sustainable habits in the emergent consuming class by redefining personal prosperity - which so many more Chinese are gaining access to for the first time - as "more access to better products and services, not necessarily by owning them, but also by sharing - so everyone gets a piece of a better pie." That means, among other things, better public transportation, better public spaces and better housing that encourages dense vertical buildings, which are more energy efficient and make shared services easier to deliver, and more e-learning opportunities that reduce commuting.
Indeed, Juccce translates Chinese Dream as "Harmonious and Happy Dream" in Mandarin.