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JUFJewish United Fund
JUFJamaat Ul Fuqra (Pakistani militant organization)
JUFJesus Under Fire (book)
JUFJoint-Use Facility
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In 2004, Michael Shapiro worked closely with Michael Kotzin, JUF Executive Vice President, to fund the Israel Studies Project, part of a state-wide effort by the Israel Lobby at both public and private universities.
As we celebrate Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, we are thankful that JUF's humanitarian safety net has once more helped Jews in peril," said Manfred Steinfeld, JUF Chairman.
The people carrying the party flags of PMLN and JUF raised from their seats in respect of the Prime Minister and chanted full throated slogans in his favour.
The scholars, including Maulana Khawaja Ahmed Ur Rehman, JUF Karachi president Qari Usman, Dr Muhammad Fayaz, Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqi and others, warned that if their demands were not fulfilled and the killers of Mufti Usman Yar Khan and others remained at large, they will give another strike call and come up with new line of actions.
Through its Israel Commission, JUF "works to maintain American military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel; monitors and, when necessary, responds to media coverage of Israel.
The organization is focusing on its annual campaign, Kotzin said, because JUF has some control and could make the most difference with it.
The family is now hoping someone will spot the distinctive blue, red and white bike, registration number J830 JUF.
Tenders are invited for Provide for Juf Baumeisterarbeiten
One of the occupants of the car then jumped out and snatched the blue Yamaha bike, registration number J830 JUF, and rode off on it, followed by the white car.
However JUF spokesman John King said it is available at all times for negotiations with the company once the threat to Dundalk workers is lifted.
JUF will engage over 300 women to support and mentor them in building successful businesses in the food industry.
Kennedy Center for the 89,226,519 Performing Arts * FYE 2006 data (+) Estimate based on FYE 2007 data from 57 affiliates and FYE 2006 from 42 affiliates (@) Asset data for national office only (#) Formerly America's Second Harvest (^) Unaudited consolidation (&) Combined JUF data from FYE 12/31/06 and Federation data from FYE 6/30/07 * FYE 2006 data ** FYE 2007 estimates *** Estimate based on FYE 2007 data from 38 affiliates and headquarters and FYE 2006 from 13 affiliates