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JUGJava Users Group
JUGJava User Group
JUGJust Us Girls
JUGJustice Under God (punishment)
JUGJoint Users Group
JUGJava UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) Generator (software)
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The jug was very heavy, and the Marionette, not being strong enough to carry it with his hands, had to put it on his head.
He tossed his handkerchief to her with one hand, and picked up a fragment of the broken jug with the other.
"A jug of maple sirup--I brought it along from the store and set it down here to open the door.
Poyser's attention was here diverted by the appearance of Molly, carrying a large jug, two small mugs, and four drinking- cans, all full of ale or small beer--an interesting example of the prehensile power possessed by the human hand.
The breaking of his jug was too natural an accident to excite suspicion.
Besides, you promoters of cleanliness have been excessively careless and thoughtless, I don't know if I ought not to say audacious, to bring troughs and wooden utensils and kitchen dishclouts, instead of basins and jugs of pure gold and towels of holland, to such a person and such a beard; but, after all, you are ill-conditioned and ill-bred, and spiteful as you are, you cannot help showing the grudge you have against the squires of knights-errant."
Lady Lydiard seized on the jug, a nd filled the tumbler for herself with an unsteady hand.
'You know where the coffee-room is,' said Smangle; 'just run down, and tell that gentleman you've come to help him up with the jug. Or--stop--I'll tell you what--I'll tell you how we'll do him,' said Smangle, with a cunning look.
From these pilgrimages to the jug and basin, he returned with such eccentricities of damp headgear as no words can describe; which were made the more ludicrous by his anxious gravity.
Then, at the beginning of April, he planted his first sucker in that jug.
"Tinker Bell," he called softly, after making sure that the children were asleep, "Tink, where are you?" She was in a jug for the moment, and liking it extremely; she had never been in a jug before.
"Look at all dese little jugs! Hundred jugs in a row!