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Anyone who hasn't tried Jumbo Bairdi Crab before should come in soon, because we don't know when we might get our hands on it again.
Jumbo has since grown to introduce profitable verticals to its corporate structure, including enterprise solutions, logistics, engineering and light manufacturing.
For the fiscal year 2015 (April-March), the group expects turnover to be in excess of 25 per cent compared to last year and plans to open one Jumbo showroom and an exclusive Sony showroom at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi.
Rappai, Chief Executive Officer,Jumbo Electronics, said: Jumbo Electronics and Ooredoo both believe in the power of technology, which is why we are delighted to partner with Nojoom to give customers the best deals in Qatar on quality electronic such as mobile phones and household appliances.
Bankers say they've begun using mortgage rates to woo high-net-worth clients: Attractive rates on jumbos have become a way to secure additional business from those clients -- from managing their investments to supplying a broad suite of financial services.
National and regional banks have begun to price jumbo mortgages with lower interest rates than conforming loans, in part to attract high-income customers, but also for other reasons, according to an executive with a leading housing finance analytical firm.
Vidya M Chhabria, Chairperson, Jumbo Group, said, "We have always stood by the vision and plans of the Government, and are geared to lend our full support to the UAE's National Development Programme in the wake of the Year of Emiratisation.
Vishesh Bhatia, CEO, Jumbo Electronics said: "As Jumbo group, we welcome
Vishesh Bhatia, CEO, Jumbo Electronics said: "We, as Jumbo group, welcome our partner Lenovo and are very excited to represent Lenovo Smartphones in the capacity of KDR (Key Domestic Retail) distribution partner.
y i Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver has three 25mm jumbo barrels to style fast and create big waves.
Jumbo mortgages are those loans that are too large for government assistance through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA which is available for mortgages that don t exceed $417,000 and $729,750 in more expensive areas of the country.
Jumbo Electronics marks a new era in customer service with the opening of its state of the art customer service centre for consumer electronics products.