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Jumbo mortgages are loans too big to be purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two largest secondary market lenders (together, they own or securitize more than 70 percent of the residential mortgage loans in the United States).
Available nationwide are fixed-rate jumbo programs keyed to U.
With a massive selection of Chinese fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, Jumbo operates a lunch buffet from 12pm to 4.
5) But what has not been mentioned with regard to Mumbo Jumbo is its interrogation of the way in which the detective novel as well as Western metaphysics more generally has imagined and produced social space to accommodate a positivist world view.
TERRIBLE NOISE: Campaigners John Ragsdale, Susan Pettifer and Francis Pettifer with the van that broadcasts the noise of a jumbo jet taking off and landing.
Jumbo exhibited little cold damage during the winter of 2000-2001 in nurseries at Gainesville, FL, and Marianna, FL.
The "high-cube" cars can accommodate jumbo rolls and sometimes carry triple-stacked regular size rolls.
Dave Cond, finance director of Jumbo International, said Supa-Bounce operated in a specialist area of business and had expertise in dealing with local authorities.
We've expanded our existing line of fresh jumbo round ravioli to include striped varieties.
To meet flexible demands, the Jumbo product range includes tugs and platform trucks.
Two cracks were found on the left wing of a JAL jumbo jet on a flight from Fukuoka to Honolulu earlier this week, the officials said.
In the revised OED (1989), the identification of mumbo jumbo as a grotesque idol among the Mandingo, a 'Thing invented by the Men to keep their Wives in awe', is credited to Francis Moore, Travels into the Inland Pans of Africa (London: E.