JUNTJoint Undergraduate Navigator Training
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Quick hits--Andy Anderson is on Powell Peralta, Miles Silvas is farting in Stance underwear, Brian Powderly and Chris Athans are the newest State riders, Lizard dropped the Junt for Grizzly grip and reigning SOTY Jamie "Big Boy" Foy switched from Diamond footwear to New Balance Numeric.
The hosts had a chance to tie it up two minutes later, when Aaron Junt fired a shot that was saved by Sven Ullreich.
It's really the little touches that make a band such as jUNT interesting.
(11.) Junt T, Heraud JM, Lelarge J, Labeau B, Talarmin A.
I don't care--Baker, Shake Junt. Some baggy Rvca pants.
Let's all link up and skate." We'd skate together all of the time then Shake Junt got us all together to work on a video.
I skate for Element, Thunder, Spitfire and Shake Junt. They got my back.
Thrasher readers probably know you from your Shake Junt / Thrasher part that came out last year.
Sponsors: Death wish, New Balance, Dickies, Thunder, Spitfire, Sunday hardware, Shake Junt, Sock Posse and Lodown skateshop
Upcoming vids truckin' onto the Thrasher site: Indy's Pedal to the Metal, Shake Junt's Flavor Country, Almost's 3am vid, a visual treat from Pyramid Country and a little taste of Brazil via New Balance, which you can read about in this mag you're holding right this second.
And in other moves from Down Under, Gabriel "Gabbers" Summers, whom you might remember from his stellar Shake Junt part a bit back, is rumored to be signing up with a highly reputable US board brand as they embark on a new major video project.